What's new in Release 12.5

Enhanced Icon Set

The difference between image management and digital asset management (DAM), is that a DAM system supports all file types. Images, such as photos and videos, can have thumbs generated and associated with them. Others, such as Excel and text files, make it much more difficult to get an associated thumb. Hence the need for something that at least represents the file type rather than the specific file itself. While DBGallery previously showed generic icons, this versions starts the process of showing file-type specific icons. Icons for which we cannot get a thumb now look less hard on the eyes. Microsoft file types (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) show Microsoft's icons, and others look far less hard on the eyes. (Note: thumbs can be set with DBGallery for any file by choosing the orange circle 'change thumb' button atop the thumbs in the main thumbs gallery view and uploading a screenshot .jpg or .png file.)

Folder Tree Performance

Folder tree caching improves performance of displaying folders and also for many other areas of the system This is only important for collections with thousands of folders, especially those which have hundreds of folders at any single level within the tree.

Moving Folders to Pinned Items

It's now easier to move folders around when there is a large folder tree: Pinned Items can now have folders dropped onto them! This is a great way to move folders around when there is a large tree, saving a lot of scrolling. Where you used to have to drag and scroll up or down the tree, now it requires only pinning a folder then easily dropping a folder to that pinned item. As a reminder, see Pinned Items in DBGallery's Knowledge Base for more on pinned items.

Improvements during Failed Uploads

A scenario: 1000 files were uploaded, but there was a connection timeout and 3 files failed. But which ones failed!? We now make that list of failed files available using the new "See unuploaded list" button. Failures could be because a filename was too long, had a connection issue while attempting to upload a file or files, a source file was corrupted, or a number of other reasons. Also, the Retry button works significantly better, especially when there has been a lost connection or a timeout due to a slow connection. Now if files have failed, a list may be viewed or saved to disk for later investigation, or Retry may be used to attempt uploading the problem files again.

Increased Limits (for larger collections)

For multiple file downloads, the maximum size of all files has increased from approx .5 GB to 20 GB. This change has been made in downloading from the main thumbs page when logged in, or when choosing Download All in shared links.

The size limit on uploading large numbers of files has increased from approx 5 GB at a time to 50 GB.

Deleting more than 1000 files at a time could previously be awkward from a UI perspective, and sometimes fail. We have now tested deleting up to 10,000 files without issue.

Smaller updates and fixes

  • In file preview, the entire button now lights up rather than just underlining the text. Many users felt they had to take careful aim at the text itself (never had to actually), but now it's obvious that anywhere on the button can be pressed, making these operations more comfortable.
  • For administrators only: The audit trail defaults to 2 months, stopping it from appearing empty the first day or days of each new month.
  • Fix: Removed the red box that started appearing around Data Views.
  • Fix: HTML files are no longer shown when choosing Photos in Advanced Search.
  • Improved: Tree shows spinner icons in more appropriate places, such as Load More and Delete.
  • Improved the login page graphic placement.
  • Improved: Advanced Search Panoramic now requires images to be 20% wider (previously many common 9:6 ratios were picked up as a panoramic).
  • We no longer hide All Files nor Dashboard buttons from the left side panel when scrolling down a large tree list.
  • We improved scrolling when dragging and dropping onto Pinned Items.
  • Fix: The upload button no longer shows for users which have absolutely no upload privileges anywhere in the system.
  • Download folder structure: Remove all but current folder path. Previously the entire path all the way back to the root was included.
  • File format addition: .CR3 (post-CR2 Canon RAW files).
  • Various other smaller or backend updates to improve your experience and the system's performance.