What's new in Release 12.4

Summer 2022 Enhancements (Aug 23, v12.4)

Welcome to the summer 2022 release. The most generally helpful improvements are performance updates, making all who use DBGallery more productive. Viewing images and saving data changes are both much faster, making the system feel significantly smoother during a couple of the most used operations. We've also build in a number of customer requested enhancements and a whole batch of useful tweaks.

Preview Read-ahead

What is likely to feel like the biggest performance enhancement in a while, DBGallery image preview now reads ahead to the next and previous images while the current image is being previewed. This usually equates to instant display of the next image being viewed. It makes the system feel so very much faster!

Saving Data Changes

Pressing Save Changes no longer re-reads the image, making the save operation feel nearly instant! It's a small but decent efficiency upgrade.

Download All in Shares

Prior to this release, when a person opened a share and needed to download all the files included in the share they could do so only by downloading each file individually. There is now an All Files option under download.

Versions Indicator

Files with more than one version is now indicated above the thumbnail. (Shows only when Data Over Thumbs from the Thumbs Data button on the main menu is chosen.)

Added two new Sort By options: File Size and View Count

Two important sort additions we've been trying to get added for a while.

Other enhancements

  • An option to export data only to CSV file. Avoids the need to download images to retrieve data in CSV format.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) improvements.
  • Added File Download the the audit log.
  • Small improvements to the upload windows. E.g. No Ok button for each file uploaded when showing upload detailed view. Also improved Data Import message after upload completed.
  • Improved setting of GPS / location info: when location is added using DBGallery the address info is added to address city, state and country.
  • Fixed preview generation for SVG files.
  • Improved critical server error messages.
  • Ability to upload zip files without treating them as import files (see "Extract content of ZIP files" in the upload window).
  • Fixed: If the last Collection is deleted the Collection area no longer disappears and new Collections can be added.
  • Share previews now have a file name when preview isn't available (for files such as DOCX).
  • Fixed a scenario where Collection contents sometimes were not shown when clicking the Collection in the tree.
  • For administrators, we made all Save configuration buttons big and green. These are on pages such as Preferences, Users, Folder Permissions, etc.
  • Some API cleanup as well as improvements in our API documentation. Get started with our REST API Guide.
  • Some improvement ins folder tree performance.
  • Global duplicates check: Show total duplicates count at the bottom of the duplicates window when there are more than duplicates than the maximum number that can be displayed on that page.
  • Global duplicates check: Fixed a small issue where the data of a hidden duplicate was incorrectly shown in the above row.

For on-prem systems only

  • Added options for improved log and temp file cleanup.
  • Faster addition of large numbers of files during onboarding by postponing thumbnail generation.