Single Sign-On (SSO) in DBGallery

Security, convenience and cost savings.  That's what SSO is all about.  Enterprises with hundreds or thousands of users find it very challenging to rollout applications without this critical integration point; without SSO to quickly add users to new applications.  DBGallery's strength is a modern and flexible authorization technology which makes adoption quick and easy for companies of any size. (Beyond SSO, DBGallery's recent introduction of monthly subscriptions for our on-premise server software has also made adoption easier for clients with a limited budget.)
DBGallery has always been secure.  It has had zero security issues in the nearly 10 years it has offered a cloud-based SaaS solution.   With SSO, that security has been enhanced even further.  DBGallery uses an industry standard SSO architecture and APIs.  One popular Enterprise-grade identity provider DBGallery integrates with is Microsoft Azure AD (renamed to Microsoft Entra ID in 2023).  If your company's SSO includes multi-factor authentication (MFA), DBGallery works with that also.

For most typical non-admin DBGallery users it's more about convenience. Usernames and passwords no longer have to be created or remembered, making access to DBGallery a snap for them; as easy as keying a URL or clicking a bookmark and they're into the application.

SSO is also about cost savings. Company support staff can spend significant time onboarding and offboarding new staff. I.e. cost, resetting passwords or helping users login. SSO's much simplified approach means there should never be a call to support, as least as they relate to accessing the system. Also, they avoid having to setup users for each application in the first place. This leads to new employees having immediate access to DBGallery without any effort.

An Example

One of DBGallery's clients has nearly 4000 users. With single sign-on, all users immediately have access to company digital assets. Prior to SSO, it would have been days or weeks to bring them onboard.  And as employees leave (and there is always some attrition) decommisioning them from the single SSO source is all that is required to turn off access to all SSO-supported applications, including DBGallery.

DBGallery has always focused on an easy setup with convenient initial loading of digital assets.  Now with SSO rolling out our excellent digital asset management system has become even snappier!