DBGallery Plus Web

dbgallery plus web

DBGallery web plugin keeps your image collection safe and conveniently accessed on the web. Opening access to outside entities can significantly improve the value of your image collection.
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Full control

Keeps your image collection on
your internal network while conveniently
and safely accessed over the web.

Ultimate speed

Real-time Updates.
No upload step or process.

Access Privileges

Publish a controlled portion of
your collection.

Have portions of your collection
safely available over the web

Perhaps it's to suppliers or distributors to showcase your new products

Or those you do shipping for, where they see your crates

Perhaps you just want a simple interface, easily accessed via a browser, to colleagues around the globe

Maybe you simply want to host your own private database collection

Maybe you have volunteers who put together newsletters for you

Either way, all you need to do is provide them with user login which you setup and they have access

Publish a controlled portion
of your collection

You determine who has access to what areas, and whether they can download, upload, or even view an image larger than a thumbnail.

Create as many user logins as you need. Each may have access to different areas of your collection. (E.g. One for suppliers and one for colleagues; or one for each of your shipping customers.)

Build special projects, collections and sets internally, and make these available over the web via this web server plugin.

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Real-time updates: You don't need to perform special time-consuming operations to get images or update onto the web... it's instantly available as you make changes internally!

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Given access, web users can upload images directly into your internal DBGallery collection! Great for those in the field who need to get images to you.

Image data is viewable along with the image.


Easy to use...search and export with ease!

Easy but sophisticated search

Slideshow mode

Special views: MapView (google maps integration), 3D Wall view, and your images across a timeline!

Administer users, logins, and access directly though the plugin.

Great GPS support: Streetview available for each image which has GPS lat/lng tags, as well as an overall Map View to show images across a map.

Allow each user to have their own folder or folders to upload to.

Note: We also offer a SaaS model, where your private image collection is hosted by us via Amazon's AWS Cloud. It is available only to you, except where you grant access to your users via Plus Web.