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A Photo Collection's True Value

A Photo Collection's True Value
A collection of photos sitting where nobody can find them is worth as much as the digital dust collecting around them. Unknown to most company leaders, these company assets can have great value. "Why, they're just photos?" is often the response when this is suggested.

Photo Organization Fundamentals: Four Intermediate Tips (Video 2)

Continuing from my previous blog entry on the Four Most Important fundamentals of photo organization, this video covers four additional photo organization must-do's:

1. Handling Duplicate Images
2. When Shooting, Think Organization
3. Photo Data
4. Software...explore and choose

Glenn Rogers, Product Manager for DBGallery, giving a presentation on four intermediate-level digital photo organization tips.

Photo Organization Fundamentals: Four Most Important (Video 1)

Recently I choose four of my most recommended fundamental tips for digital photo organization for a short 5 -7 minute presentation. They very important much-follow tips are:

1. Chronological Folder Names...the 1st fundamental.
2. Backup...the most important for having your photos decades from now.
3. Data Tagging...the most important for being able to find images.
4. Sharing...keep your source collection intact while duplicating on sharing sites.