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Global Markers - Mapping Images across a Map

Knowing all the places you've visited in the world is great but not like seeing them right in front of you across a map. Or at work, understanding approximately where your customers or suppliers are is also great. Maybe you aren't quite sure of them all though. Seeing them across a map, for that 'picture is worth a thousand words' effect, is fabulous. Given most photography hardware captures GPS locations, this should be easy and should be regularly available. Facebook used to have a map view of your uploaded photos, but that feature has been removed for reasons unknown.

DBGallery's New Logo

After seven years with the original, DBGallery finally has a new logo! The new look has a modern font and more representative graphic.

DBGallery Logo

A Spinning Wheel?

The graphics portion, looking like a spinning wheel, depicts a whirl of photographs, with just one standing out...the one you were looking for!

The Icon

DBGallery Icon

Duplicate Photos Are Evil

Duplicate images across your collection are just not cool. Never mind all the extra disk space it uses, more important is the confusion it can cause and time it wastes. For example, someone searches for a photo and finds multiples of the same image. They don't know which to use. They have to take the time to ask someone before deciding on which. This wastes both peoples time. Another example: someone wants up add tags, author or copyright data to images, but end up updating only one or have to bother to updating both. To compound matters, often there's not just a single duplicate.

DBGallery's Webserver Plug-in


  • It provides remote users the ability to upload images to your company's collection...those who do not have access to the intranet where the collection resides.
  • It has a very simple user interface! Have users who want the absolutely simplest interface to dig for and retrieve images? Your VP of Marketing, for example. DBGallery's web interface is perfect for them.

Collection Report Card

DBGallery introduces a new Collection Report Card

There are a whole lot of files in your company's media collection and its often useful to know more stats than simply the number of files and folders. DBGallery release 5.8 provides a quick one-pager overviewing its entire collection, in a dashboard-like layout.

Cell Phone Image Quality

Mobile phone photos with cameras are everywhere and you always have one. But are they able to take decent quality photos?

DBGallery on Windows 8

Windows 8 looks great. If feels fun and interesting to use. Even then many are likely to shun it at first. But the great new Metro interface, combined with it being easy to get to the old familiar looking Windows interface, means it's likely going to be a winner. The next reason it is likely to succeed: the interface works on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets (including Microsoft's new Surface tablet, announced the day this blog was written). So it's likely the new Windows 8 interface, called Metro, is going to be around for a while.

Web Access to DBGallery

Need to get a DBGallery photo collection accessible via the web? There are a number of options.

1) Self Hosting using our Web Server Plugin

Figure 1: Photo Database Self Hosting

Photos = Memory Triggers

To revisit a past experience, whether it be a vacation or business trip, travelling back there by using photos as memory triggers has huge benefit.

Surprisingly Useful Search Options in DBGallery

The search capabilities of DBGallery go well beyond that of Windows or almost any other image/file search software. For example, the screenshot below shows unique and easy to use search options. While they seem innocent they are surprisingly powerful.